SHIP Honors Board Members

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SHIP honored nine outgoing members of its Board of Directors at a Board meeting on Friday, June 17th. All 9 of the Board members¬†will reach the end of their second and final three-year term on June 30th. Board members were given a commemorative plaque to celebrate their many years of service. Term limits for Boards receiving Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) funds were legislatively mandated in 2010. Many of the nine Board members had served on the Board prior to the mandate, some since the organization’s inception in the late ’90s. Board members receiving recognition were:

Audra Cole 

Charlene Ellis

Jody Graham

Roger Hess

Linda Krei

Karen Mackey

Dr. Harold Post

Mike Stiles

Father Patrick Walsh

SHIP is deeply appreciative of the invaluable expertise and input that these nine individuals contributed to the organization and to the community.

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