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The goal of the Siouxland Street Project is to determine how we, as a compassionate community, effectively deal with the issue of vagrancy in Sioux City. Participants in the project include members of the business community, local government, law enforcement, nonprofit and service agencies, Native community membership, medical and public health sectors, education and funders, among others. The project aims to expand on the utilization of local community resources and assets, such as shelters, missions, food assistance programs, mental health programs, recovery centers, and hospitals in order to address the issue of vagrancy/homelessness in Sioux City.


The Siouxland Street Project is a coalition of concerned citizens and organizations that serves to coordinate services provided to homeless individuals and to promote safe, decent, affordable, appropriate housing.  This will result in a healthy, viable community that has safe shelter, housing, and provides compassionate services through information, funding and networking. 


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The DAY SHELTER OF SIOUXLAND will be opening its doors for a trial period beginning April 3, 2017 at 8:30 AM! The Day Shelter of Siouxland will be located at 717 West 7th Street, in the front part of the Soup Kitchen. Hours will be from 8:30 AM until supper is served at the Soup Kitchen – around 5 or 6 PM. The shelter will be operational seven days a week through Sunday, April 30th. The Day Shelter of Siouxland’s mission is to provide daytime shelter during the winter months to those in need, thereby preventing exposure to freezing temperatures, which could result in death. The shelter also hopes to provide connection to needed services from non-profit organizations serving the homeless population during the daytime and business hours. This project is the focus of a group of community leaders of the Leadership Siouxland Class of 2017, and is made possible by generous funding from Mercy Medical Center, and support from the Boards of Directors of the Warming Shelter and the Soup Kitchen.

The DAY SHELTER OF SIOUXLAND‘s trial run during the month of April is just the beginning of a permanent effort! Members of Leadership Siouxland‘s Class of 2017 are now fundraising for the Day Shelter of Siouxland‘s first season, from November 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018 (mirroring the operational months of the Warming Shelter). If you or your business would like to donate to the Day Shelter of Siouxland, please send a check to: The Day Shelter of Siouxland C/O the Warming Shelter, Inc. PO Box 3643, Sioux City, Iowa 51102. Donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a letter back for tax purposes. For more information, please download the letter here:

Donation Letter – Day Shelter of Siouxland

Donate on our GoFundMe Page




The WARMING SHELTER needs your help! With winter weather upon us and the temperatures continuing to drop, more and more people are seeking shelter there – men, women and even a few small children over the past few weeks. The cost of operating the shelter is $857 a night (around $7.39 a person if the Shelter is occupied at its full capacity of 116). The Warming Shelter’s purpose is to prevent people from freezing to death! To help them to accomplish this mission, please consider donating and spreading the word to everyone you know. To make a donation, send a check to: The Warming Shelter, C/O Security National Bank, 610 Pierce Street, Sioux City IA 51101 or you can donate through PayPal on the Warming Shelter’s Facebook page:

The Siouxland Street Project now has a public service announcement airing on all Siouxland broadcast networks (KTIV, KCAU, KMEG & KPTH) as well as Cable ONE! THANK YOU to the members of the community that braved the cold weather to participate in the shoot for this PSA, to Anne Westra of the City of Sioux City and Captain Lisa Claeys of the Sioux City Police Department for coordinating this effort, to KTIV for the production of this spot, and to all of our media partners for donating air time to this worthy cause!


The WARMING SHELTER re-opened for the winter season on November 1, 2016! The Warming Shelter’s mission is to ensure that no Siouxlanders freeze to death living on the streets in the winter months. Big changes have been made to the shelter to prepare for the new season. To hear more about it, check out the news story here: Warming Shelter changes. The Warming Shelter is located at 916 Nebraska Street in Sioux City.

The Siouxland Street Project Interviews

In February and March of 2016, 10 volunteers with human services experience and training interviewed 97 homeless and very poor people that spend the majority of their time in public places in Sioux City. The purpose of these confidential, 60-question interviews was to better understand the experiences and characteristics of this population. This project was sponsored by Mercy Medical Center. View and download the Executive Summary and full report here:

Siouxland Street Project 2016 Interview Project Executive Summary

Siouxland Street Project 2016 Interview Project Report

Community Meetings

1-24-17 Community Meeting Minutes

9-12-16 Community Meeting Minutes

5-17-16 Community Meeting Minutes

1-5-16 Community Work Session Document

Next meeting: May 2017 (date, time and location to be determined)

The Siouxland Street Project currently has the following six subcommittees:

Super Shelter


Education & Community Awareness


Screening & Intake

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project, please contact Matt Ohman at